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Ask for help...
MacPhail's team of Tech Mentors are available to provide one-on-one assistance to their MacPhail colleagues—you! Email TechMentor@MacPhail.org to ask questions or to set up a one-on-one appointment for assistance.
None of these teachers claim to be technology experts. They are simply passionate about the ways in which the latest tools are enriching their teaching and empowering their students, and they love to share with and learn from their colleagues. Also, please note that these folks have many additional responsibilities related to their own teaching; your patience and understanding is appreciated as they work to find time to assist you.

Jeremy Hanson

Jeremy Hanson teaches piano, theory, and composition in individual instruction, group instruction, and community partnerships. He really enjoys talking shop with other teachers and tinkering with all kinds of gadgets and software. He is excited to help you with any questions you may have about: Evernote, Audacity, MuseScore, Finale, Mixcraft (PC equivalent of GarageBand), online music lessons, and various other web-based theory and music tools.
Heather VanderLey
Heather VanderLey teaches Suzuki Violin and is coordinator for the Suzuki String and Orchestra program and the Suzuki Piano and Guitar Institute. While not a “techy” by nature, she appreciates the way technology can improve and make easier various aspects of teaching and communication. She can help with basic questions about Office 365 and related Office products Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, OneDrive and Sharepoint. She also uses a number of apps for her teaching for both note taking and note reading.